Nursing Department


In order to provide the best care for children's health, Hanoi - Vientiane General Hospital has opened a Pediatric Specialist, with a system of modern medical equipment along with a team of highly qualified and experienced pediatric doctors. In many years of experience - pediatrics specialist Hanoi - Vientiane General Hospital quickly became one of the prestigious facilities specializing in examination and treatment of pediatric diseases chosen by many parents.

Medical services

Functions and duties

Examination and treatment of diseases:

- Examination and treatment of respiratory diseases.

- Examination and treatment of gastrointestinal.

- Consulting treatment as well as prevention of infectious diseases.

- Examination and treatment of metabolic endocrine diseases.

- Treatment of kidney - urological diseases.

- Neurological diseases.

In addition to medical examination and treatment, pediatric doctors at Hanoi - Vientiane General Hospital are constantly researching to find effective treatments for children's diseases, and at the same time provide advice and help to parents. To help parents understand how to monitor and care for children in compliance with medical conditions, closely connect with doctors in child care treatment.