With the precept "Lifetime health care for you", Hanoi - Vientiane General Hospital always upholds the quality of service, puts the needs of customers first, cares about your health by taking care of your health by our love and responsibility.

Ear, Nose Throat Department of Hanoi - Vientiane Hospital is the place to gathered a team of good doctors, with high professional qualifications and rich experience in the profession. The clinic is equipped with the most modern medical equipment system to help diagnose your disease accurately and quickly.

Air pollution is the main cause of ear, nose and throat diseases becoming more and more common and has a significant impact on our health and life. As soon as there are abnormal signs in the ear, nose, and throat, you need to have an early examination, complete treatment, avoid the disease from recurring and causing unwanted complications.


Medical services

the Ear, nose throat speacialist of Hanoi - Vientiane General Hospital specializes in examining and treating diseases such as:

Ear diseases: otitis media, otitis externa, ear canal defects, mastoid otitis...

Diseases of the nose such as: allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal polyps, nasal hemorrhage, hypertrophy of the nasal septum, deviated nasal septum.

Diseases of the pharynx - larynx: tonsillitis, pharyngitis, VA, laryngitis, vocal cord nodules, laryngeal polyps.

Ear, nose and throat surgery: eardrum patch surgery, tonsillectomy, VA curettage, nasal septum correction surgery, sinus surgery, nasal polypectomy,...

Other treatment procedures: Removing foreign bodies from the ear canal, injecting abscesses into the back of the throat, inserting nasal wicks, breaking the bridge of the nose, ...

Coming to Hanoi - Vientiane Hospital, clients will experience high quality services with a team of professional staff, a team of dedicated, caring and dedicated nurses.