Diagnostic Department

Diagnostic Department


Diagnostic imaging has been playing an important role in medicine, today's modern facilities allow us to detect diseases earlier and more accurately, they also allow to limit unnecessary treatment procedures. By that way, Diagnostic Imaging participated in the frontline of health care for you.

Medical services

Understanding the importance of imaging in early detection and accurate diagnosis of diseases, Hanoi - Vientiane General Hospital has invested in the most modern medical equipment. Among them, there are the American multi-slice CT scan GE, Hitachi 4D Color Ultrasound, Endoscopic System, Electrocardiogram, X-Ray, Mamography... and many other modern Japanese equipment. CT machine is used to screen for early detection of cancer, to screen for cardiovascular disease, to accurately diagnose disease and to monitor and evaluate prognosis, progression of pathology, especially after cancer surgery. The US multi-slice CT scan GE is one of the most advanced CT systems in the world that captures multiple images in a single rotation. This CT system can expand the clinical diagnostic area such as heart, lung, trauma and diagnosis in children.

Top reasons to choose US Multi-Slice CT Scan:

-Clear and detailed images can be reproduced on many planes and in 3D (3D) to help see the lesion at many different angles.

-Branch speed recording allows moving organs such as the heart and blood vessels to be captured.

Ultrasound is a technique that uses ultrasound waves to image and study structures inside the patient's body. The emitted ultrasound waves can travel through liquid medium and are only blocked by the mass of air, bone and tissue organization of the patient's body. The reflected acoustic signals will be recorded by the transducer and create an animated image of the parts to be ultrasonicated on the screen. The advent of 4D ultrasound technology has brought ultrasound technology into a new era. Turning black and white ultrasound images with unclear readings into colourful, vivid and accurate images.

In order to help patients get rid of discomfort and nausea, which stimulates a lot of bowel movements during endoscopy, Hanoi - Vientiane General Hospital has equipped an anesthetic endoscopic system that allows the procedure to be performed. Endoscopic surgery takes place gently, comfortably, helping patients no longer feel pain, discomfort and fear during endoscopy. Moreover, the fact that bowel movements are not pulled, the doctor can see more closely all the smallest lesions in hidden locations.