Inpatient facilities

Inpatient facilities

In addition to focus on investing in technological equipment, Hanoi - Vientiane General Hospital also cares about the space and conditions of treatment and health care through inpatient treatment services according to the requirements of the hospital hotel to ensure comfort, convenience and satisfaction for patients and their relatives.

The inpatient room is fully equipped with modern equipments: television, refrigerator, 2-way air conditioner, wifi, emergency connection unit with design from 1 to 2 beds, suitable for diverse needs of patients.

The VIP room is modeled after a separate room, giving patients a professional health care process and the opportunity to enjoy high quality medical services.

High-class hospital bed system with 5 convenient head-lifting functions, the lifting-lowering process is quiet and smooth, creating a comfortable feeling for the patient when changing positions.

The corridor space and waiting areas are clean and beautiful, ensuring a comfortable treatment environment, helping patients reduce anxiety and stress during treatment.