The emergency room under the Medical Examination Department of Hanoi VC Hospital operates 24 hours a day (including holidays and Sundays).

Located on the 1st floor of Hanoi VC Hospital, the emergency room is equipped with mobile medical equipment to give the best handling of any situation.

The emergency room located on the first floor of the hospital is fully equipped with equipments for emergency work and a team of medical staffs who are intensively trained in resuscitation and have a professional working. Who's able to receive emergency treatment and first aid for all patients with a medical emergency or a surgical emergency; first aid for each individual patient case to collective emergencies such as collective accidents, collective poisoning. Emergency patients will be examined and cared for on the spot and, when necessary, they will be transferred to the Inpatient Department or specialized specialties of Hanoi VC Hospital.

The emergency area is large and fully equipped

The Emergency room can provide a full range of out-of-hospital and emergency care. In addition, the emergency room of Hanoi VC Hospital also provides a number of specialized services such as: Ambulance resuscitation to the required place, patient transfer service to the central line... The capacity of receiving patients of Hanoi and other provinces transferred to the emergency room. Professional activities of the Emergency Department:

Doctors can view X-ray films and make diagnoses here


Ensure 24/24 emergency, timely and effective
Complete and self-contained emergency procedure.
Arranging patients by priority
Monitoring, evaluation and emergency treatment.
Urgent resuscitation right at the department
Life-saving surgery.

Patients are cared for wholeheartedly and thoughtfully